Planting Bags

These bags are used to cultivate and grow seedlings into plants or various different fruit and vegetables, depending on the type of seed used. By clicking on 100% Virgin Material and 100% Regran Material below, you will be able to find a comprehensive (but not exhaustive) list of standard size planting bags kept in stock. All bags, unless requested otherwise, are punched with drainage holes which can be and often are determined by the client and the particular needs they have.

Nursery Planter Bags Photo131 bags filling Allanblackia parviflora nursery


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Ground Sheeting

Plastic Ground Sheeting Black 100% Virgin Material

Plastic ground sheeting is manufactured from 100% Virgin Material and UV Stabilised for a period of 24 months.

Standard Sizes are available from 1M width up to a 6m width and standard microns are 100 Micron, 150 Micron and 250 Micron.

Agriweave Sheeting:

Agriweave sheeting is a woven polypropylene tape yarn designed to block out sunlight, allow maximum water dispersion via specially profiled threads and also ensure the strongest puncture resistance.  It is used in areas where a stronger heavier, duty fabric is required, such as under lawns, driveways, paths, patios, play areas, allotments, etc. It can also be used inside greenhouses as well. Standard sizes are available in a 1.5 Meter and 3 Meter Width.

848 103797b Agriweave Woven Sheeting


Polywoven Tree Bags

Polywoven tree bags are made from polypropylene material and are laminated for controlled water retention. As a standard all bags are punched with 2 holes per panel which allows for water to pass through and prevent the roots from rotting. These bags also have four handles, either at the top of the bag or the bottom of the bag for ease of lifting.

These bags are available in 4 standard sizes, but can be made according to customer specification as long as the minimum quantities are met.

Standard Sizes: 


  • Pots are available in various sizes and colours.

 15cm Grow Pots  17cm Shrub Pots  SAM 0703 SAM 0704 
 SAM 0745  SAM 0705  SAM 0709


Seedling Trays

  • Seedling Trays are available in various sizes

4 Cavity 8 Cavity Seedling Tray 12 Cavity Seedling Tray SAM 0719 SAM 0721
SAM 0724 SAM 0725 SAM 0727 SAM 0729 SAM 0731



Bootliners can be offered as a non-print or can be printed on and are available in a standard size of 600MM X 1000M X 10 Micron and perforated at 1M intervals.

Bootliners can be printed on in any design and with as many colours as the customer wishes. Minimum quantities may apply.

1 2


Clear Bags ( 100% Virgin Material)

  • Compost Bags are available in a standard size of 510x750x100 Micron, but can also be customized according to clients’ specifications. We can also print your company logo on the bags*
  • Pebble Bags are available in a standard size of 300X600X150 Micron
  • Minimum quantities may apply.

Refuse Bags

Made from Recycled material

Available in a standard size of 740x950x22 Micron

Refuse Bags Refuse Bags 2


More Products

Nursery Supplies

Seed Trays  (these are seedling trays but without the compartments, also known as germination trays)
Carry Trays – Black (used to carry 4 seedling trays inside)
Hanging Bowls 
Plant Blankets (also known as Frost Cover, used during the colder winter months to protect plants from frost damage. Plants can be watered through the frost cover, allowing maximum convenience)
Plant Markers
Row Markers (these are large plant markers which are sometimes used to mark a row of plants but can be used on individual plants as well and are available in various colours, sizes and in a straight or tilted option (the latter allows for a customer to read the marker while standing)
Terrariums (a hot house in the comfort of your own home)

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Cotton Picker is a 26 year old supplier of plastic and packaging products to the nursery, horticulture, vegetable and related industries. Our core business involves manufacture and supply of planting bags , ground sheeting and plastic tubing but this in no way excludes plastics used for other purposes.


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